Player Profile: Dexter McClanahan

Who influenced you to play basketball?

“My mom influenced me. My mother played basketball at a young age. She was also my coach for 7 years (Age 4-11). She plays a big part in my life, teaching me the ins and outs of the game.

Who is your favorite player?

“My favorite player would have to be LeBron James. He’s a student of the game. He’s good on and off the court and he’s also takes the game very seriously.

Who is your favorite team?

“I don’t have a favorite team, but one of my favorite teams to watch would be the Golden State Warriors. They’re a fun team to watch. Watching them hit three’s in transition, reminds me of our team when we play.”

Why did you choose to go to SSU?

“I actually got into SSU through former football head Coach Davenport. He actually came to my high school to become the head coach there.  He saw me playing in the gym one day, and ask me if I would like to come to SSU, and I agreed, so he called Coach Broadnax. I came here, worked out, and I ended up down here.”

How do you feel about your progress from last season to this season?

 “I feel good about my progress from last season to now. I just try to work hard and do what I have to do for us to win to get to where we need to be. I’m starting to shoot the ball more and be more aggressive on both ends of the court.”

How has the basketball program benefited you?

“The program has benefited me in many ways. Coach Broadnax is more than just a Basketball Coach, he’s a Life Coach. He teaches us a lot of lessons about life. His teachings shaped me into the man that I’m starting to become.”

What motivated you to become SSU “Highlight Reel”?

“Practicing in the offseason definitely helped. I’ve always like trying to dunk on people. Watching LeBron dunk on people defiantly motivates me to perform a highlight reel.”

Do you think the team will continue to build moving forward?

Yes, defiantly. The only way to go is up, you can’t go down. We’re on a six game winning streak right now, so we just try to go up till we can’t go up anymore.”

What gets you pump up before the game?

My teammates and music. We all sing songs in the locker room and during pre-game stretch. Different types of music really gets me hyped up.”  

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