Kenyata Hendrix

The Lady Tigers pulled off a close win against the Morgan State Bears, on Saturday. They kicked the game off with some great momentum.

 Gabby Moss scored 24 points while shooting 8-14 from the field . Kenyatta Hendrix also also contributed with 18 points.

Guard Kenyatta Hendrix believes the Lady Tigers are making progress from the previous game to this game.

“We were starting to correct a lot of the mistakes we’ve been making on defense as well as offense, especially when it comes to rebounding. We’re improving on free throws and hustling every position.”,

Rhianna Warren had a nice outing with 9 points.

When asked about her performance, she responded with: “I just feel like, when it’s your moment, you have to take advantage, you have to do what you got to do every time you step out on the floor.”

“Our ladies did just that. The girls game had everyone on their toes. They played hard and did a great job. “

 “We did not change the game plan going into overtime.”, said Coach Baker.

“The game plan is always of course, we want to control the rebounding so we definitely need to get stops, and finish with a close out, and get the rebound.”

 “We also wanted to get a high percentage shot and leave that possession with either a bucket or a foul, so we try to shoot high percentage from the line, and then of course, we want to protect the ball, so that’s our game plan every game.”

 “I definitely think we are improving as a team and as a unit.”, added Coach Baker

 Savannah State will play against Delaware State on January 23rd at 6 pm in the Tiger Arena.



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