The Savannah State University men’s basketball team is looking at a season for growth this year, as it rebuilds after many starters graduated last year.

The Tigers won the 2018 MEAC Title in March 2018 against South Carolina State University, and the young team is expecting big things from this season.

The Tigers are 3-6 as they get into the season, after a loss to Vanderbilt University on Nov. 27.  The team is ranked number 6 in the MEAC.

The team’s biggest test so far was facing SEC teams Texas A&M, loss 98-83, and University of Georgia, loss 110-76.

Hosting Gardner-Webb University on Nov. 16, for the home opener of the season, the team fell to them 97-77.

With the seniors who left last season, the Tigers welcomed in newcomers such as junior Tyrell Harper, senior ZaQuavian Smith, freshmen Collins Joseph, junior Romani Hansen, junior Adam Saeed, junior Jaquan Smith, and junior Amaru Bryant.

Smith, who has averaged 16.8 points and 4 rebounds per game this season, is a new transfer from South Georgia State College. He is also the only SSU player averaging points in the double figures.

Collins Joseph was named MEAC Rookie of the Week over Thanksgiving week.

The Tigers take on Gardner-Webb Bulldogs in North Carolina on Saturday. The men will start the MEAC season on Jan. 5 at Coppin State University.

The next home game at Tiger Arena is on Jan. 19 against Norfolk State University

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