Since Fall 2010, the Savannah State University basketball teams have seen their share of ups and downs with the Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference.

  After eight years, Savannah State headed to its last MEAC tournament for the time being, as the school is moving to Division II SIAC in the fall.

  The 2019 MEAC conference was March 11 - 16 in Norfolk, Va.

  The men’s team entered the tournament ranked sixth after a big win against South Carolina State University on March 7. Junior Jaquan Dotson had a career high of 25 points in the game. The men’s final score was 90-87.

  Horace Broadnax, head coach for the men’s team, said that win put the team in the sixth seed for the MEAC, giving them the opportunity to play the first day of the tournament. The men finished regular season with a 12-19 record.

  SSU men’s basketball fell to Delaware State University 71-67 in the MEAC Tournament on March 11 in Norfolk, Va.

  The men finished the 2017-18 season as MEAC regular season champions, repeating a feat from the 2011-12 season.

  “You always want to set standards for the season. Last year was special for us to gain the title,” Broadnax said.

  Junior Zach Sellers said he will miss the rivalries in the MEAC. “Just every team being competitive. We are always mindful of the opposition,” he said.

  Sellers said the toughest competition for him was Norfolk State University.

  The women’s team also won against SC on March 7, 65-64. The Lady Tigers finished the season 8-18 in the season and eighth seed in the MEAC.

  Baker said the school’s current team has done outstanding work this season, including a scoring record for Division 1 during the Nov. 6 game against Wesleyan College, when they won 155-26.

  When asked what he did to prepare the women for that game, he said, “I wanted them to be mentally tough, stay in control of their emotions. I just wanted them to do well. I wasn’t aware of making history. I found out the next day through social media that they set the NCAA scoring record for Division 1”

  The women played March 12 against South Carolina again, where they fell to the Bulldogs 62-53 in the MEAC Tournament.

  Freshman Alexus Bryant said she was going to miss playing against the top HBCUs in the MEAC.

  “The atmosphere, how everybody gets rowdy. Going against the top HBCU schools such as Norfolk and North Carolina A&T and the experience I’ve had,” she said.

Bryant said North Carolina Central University was her toughest opponent.

  The Savannah State women’s basketball team won the MEAC tournament in 2015, making the NCAA tournament where they lost in the first round. The Lady Tigers’ historic season ended with a loss against the Lady Gamecocks of the University of South Carolina, 81-48, on the national stage.

  Savannah State joined the MEAC in 2010, after leaving the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference to move to Division I in 1998. Savannah State announced it was leaving the MEAC in April 2017.

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