SSU Residential Step Show

Savannah State Campus Activity Board takes Homecoming to the next level with the Halls of Fame Residential Step Show in Tiger Arena. 

Savannah State University’s Campus Activity Board hosted their annual Residential Step show on Wednesday October 13,2021 in Tiger Arena for Homecoming Week.

The resident students worked diligently to get job done and learn the steps to compete for homecoming week. Homecoming is a time to celebrate shared experiences, when alumni, Greeks, the city of Savannah and colleges return to their alma maters from around the world to reconnect with people, places and traditions. More than just a football game, the modern homecoming has evolved into a week of celebrations ranging from tailgate parties and bonfires to formal dances and the coronation of a homecoming court. 

“I really appreciated the theme for the event which was “black 90s movies”, I like how you can tell the residential halls worked hard to create an entertaining show for the student body," said Christa Ross.

Stepping is a form of percussive dance where performers (or in this case, students) use their feet, hands, and bodies to create rhythms, and partner it with singing, chanting, and calls. At historically Black colleges and universities (known as H.B.C.U.s), homecoming is more than a football game. 

It’s the brisk fall air that calls for fashionably layered outfits. It’s the smell of barbecue and fried fish at tailgates. It’s the sound of sorority songs and fraternity chants, the vibration of the band as majorette dancers rush onto the field.

It’s the feel of Black joy and unity, as crowds of students and alumni sweep across campuses in droves, their school colors emblazoned on their shirt. The step shop is a big deal on Savannah State campus, and it embraces our community by allowing the residential students compete, it brings out a great detail in school spirit. 

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