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There is now a time where young adults are starting to create their own businesses. Born in Birmingham, Al., Freddie Milons pitched an idea of Element Pieces in Fall of 2020 Savannah State campus.

As a student at Savannah State University, Freddie Milons is an active member of the Campus Activity Board, Collegiate 100, The Juice Live and Savage Inc. Even though Mass Communications is not his major, Milons took the time to learn the world of audio and visual production and photography. But not only does he have his own clothing brand, he has his own photography business.

This allowed Milons to expand and explore his mindset to envision different images of his designs being brought to life. Some pieces of Milons’ clothing brand are based on the four elements: water, earth, air and fire. It is a way to express the mental creatively and ultimately wear how you feel.

Milons talked about why his business was created, “I was trying to make a brand that I can express my interest in mental health but make it cool. I want to combine my love for mental health and fashion for an audience that understood my mindset. My first collection was called ‘highs and lows,’ which were t-shirts. Then, the second collection was called, ‘stay afloat,’ third collection, ‘growing pains,’ fourth collection, ‘burn it down.’ For my one-year anniversary collection last year in 2021, I just called it ‘one year,’ and my current collection that has been dropped called ‘free your mind.”

Even though Milons has been on the move, there are soon to come surprises from Element Pieces which will be released and announced on all of Freddie’s social media platforms. Support black businesses.

Follow Freddie Milons by social media on Instagram: @3l3m3nt_pieces and check out his clothing brand on www.3l3m3ntpieces.com

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