It’s the end of the fall semester here at SSU, and students are working hard to maintain the demands of school, jobs, and other affairs that are necessary for a strong finish. 

For a student at the collegiate level, exam season could be the most exciting time of the semester, presumably because it is a sign that the end is near or has arrived. Equally, in some students, exam season could be a trigger for feelings of melancholy, stress, and anxiety. Unfortunately the most common is the latter. 

The students of SSU are preparing to end their semesters strong and successfully, but some have been met with difficulties along the way.

“It’s just been kind of hard to balance what each and every class is requiring from me, and also perform to the best of my abilities in my organization. The end of this semester has been a little frustrating but I know it’ll pay off in the end,” said Lydia Thomas, a second year Mass Communications major. 

Another student, Daijah Guns, a second year Business Management major shares her experience of balancing exams with other factors of everyday life.

“Being involved in multiple organizations on campus, I had to learn how to prioritize and build better time management skills. Yes, what is required of me may not always be the easiest, but it’s what I signed up for, so it’s my responsibility push through the feelings of laziness and mediocre-ness and come out successful,” says Guns. 

Many students here at Savannah state university are currently experiencing some of the same issues, and quite frankly, there isn’t enough discussion and awareness about the topic. The great desire to succeed could sometimes be detrimental to an individual’s mental, and even emotional health. 

Tela Fields, a third year Biology major gives us a glimpse of a day in the life of a full time student, and employee.

“On most days I go through all my classes, and then go to work for a few hours at the end of the day. My regular days are usually stressful, so exam season my stress is at an all time high,” says Fields.

The students are the heart of Savannah State University and the sole reason for the school’s functioning. It’s so important that the students are well taken care of mentally, emotionally, physically. Fortunately, we have a center here on campus devoted to the students’ mental health. 

The counseling center is located in the King Frazier Complex on the second floor, in room 233. To make an appointment,  

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