Savage, Inc.

Monday marked the kick off for Savannah State University’s 2k17 Spring Fling. To start the week, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) presented Rodeo Fashion Competition.

Savage Incorporated, Nubian Elite, LA Nation, and Timeless Model Management all competed for the title of SSU’s greatest modeling troupe. Each troupe was given the California theme and was to interpret that in their own style, through the means of music selections, wardrobe, makeup, choreography, and theatrics.

Formally known as Lethal Allure and Love & Amore, LA Nation was first to take to the stage in the two scenes per troupe competition with their upmost expected signature LA footwork, Nubian Elite was live and in effect following, and Timeless posed for all the cameras in the room.          

Savage Incorporated wowed the crowd with their risky stunts, exciting and sensual dance moves, and controversial subtheme.

“When we were given this theme everyone’s first thought was 'Okay, in what ways can we make this our own? How can we really make this show popping and turn it into not a competition, but a Savage Show period?'” said Janeesah Fulton, chief executive officer of Savage Incorporated.

People who weren't at the fashion show were talking about Savage's show in the bottom floor of the Student Union after the show.

“We wanted to show the viewers how Savages get down, how outside of the box we think. That we’re not afraid to go beyond and try different things. Our creativity is off the charts, and we wanted to show how much of a family we are,” said Fulton.

Though Fulton has been a member of Savage, Inc. for only a year and is now reigning president going on a full year in December, Fulton is very knowledgeable of her organization and used her love, and support from her general body members to maintain the organization's reputation.

“First off I would like to say this win feels amazing!" she said. "And what really kept me motivated was that I love this organization and the people in the organization. My general body members kept me head strong because without that there wouldn’t have been a show, I’m so proud of them, they really deserve this!”

Ali Steed, senior, has been part of Savage Inc. since February 2013. This semester is her last semester in the organization that she has dedicated so much time to and after she leaves, she said, she wants to see them take what they’ve learned as a Savage and use it to grow them into who they are supposed to be.

“Right now the organization has a group of individuals with a lot of passion and aggression. I want to see them take that energy and use it mentally for something beyond Savage Inc.,” said Steed.

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