Knowing some tips from Chief Walters is a rewarding experience. Not only was the process quick and simple, but lots of very useful information was shared that surely many students were not aware of. Chief informed us about new positions that were filled to help keep things in order so plans can be kept. As a university, he was given the note to bring in people with more experience. He has created the Urgency Manager Coordinator position, Title Manager, and Seasonal Police Professional, with a background in emergency management.

Chief has a pretty diverse panel when it comes to the affair and the safety of the students and staff of the university. He mentioned many of these wonderful individuals by name. These individuals include Bonita Bradley, who is the Dean of Students. The plan manager Mr. Lawry, Richard Bradly, who is the EMC of Fort Valley, and Chief Anita Allen from Fort Valley. Major Denson from our Tiger Nation. He has tenants from Albany State as well.

All of the individuals he named have had some type inner workings with emergency management, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Fort Valley is our sister institution as well when it comes to if we needed to have an emergency place to head to, and they also will help with the procedures that would need to be handled, thanks to Chief's positive relationship with them.

If we need to evacuate from the campus, Chief Walters coordinates with Chief Allen and Mr. Bradley to ensure a smooth transition if need be. Chief has pointed out it is very important to have these relationships for spur of the moment events like a Tornado. He states he saw it fitting to partner with similar minorities. If a tornado happens, the best ideal location would be in the hallways in buildings, or anything middle or lower level. He provided illustrations he found himselfand where to go and what to do during a tornado.

Fun fact, in the University Commons, there is a lower level stairwell and closet that would come in handy when it comes to finding somewhere to take cover. Getting down and covering up is very important. It doesn’t matter what you use to cover your head, but cover it. It will protect you from blows to the head from collateral damage and potentially save your life. It is an act of nature. The room illustration was very interesting.

If you need to go in a room in your house, do not go to your outer rooms, head to your inner rooms. The reason being, the outer rooms have windows that can shatter, the inner rooms do not. Another thing to do, is find a sturdy table to get under. This will be of great protection, going back to getting down and covering up to keep yourself as safe as possible.

If you see danger, DO NOT GET OUT AND RUN. Take cover. It will quickly go from a safety situation to a rescue mission if you decide to get out and run in a panic. It is very simple to get somewhere and get safe. During such a dire situation, keep a strong mind, do not panic, and take cover.

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