Back on November 8th of 2013, Savannah Ga, had its first burn that took place beginning at the Savannah National Wildlife refuge. Controlled burns are lit for numerous reasons. Many people use this prescribed burn to prevent a wildfire that can soon become destructive.According to the National Park services, in most familiar cases-controlled burns serve as “keeping the forest healthy, and also simply just improving habitats for tons of wild animals.”

Recently a large, controlled burn was conducted by the Chatham County emergency agency. In a short period, smoke began to be visible in areas such as Chatham County on April 2, 2021.

During the large, controlled burn conducted at the Savannah National Wildlife refuge, Weather began to change. It started to get a bit windy as smoke from the 120-acre controlled burn was beginning to leave the area. People started to recognize the massive amount of smoke located over the Savannah Wildlife refuge on Highway 17.

Over the past century, controlled burns have become rational, and important. Officials working in these controlled burns accomplish the benefits that come with regular fire, they also prevent fires from expanding to other areas that could threaten one’s life, and property. On April 2, 2021, the Chatham County emergency agency witnessed pile burnings and broadcasting burnings.

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