Savannah State University Entrance Sign

Savannah State University entrance.

Campus life appears to be shaping up for many returning students as well as incoming freshman and transfers. The first week of school was filled with multiple academic and entertaining events for students, organizations, and faculty members. As undergraduates and graduates continue to get settled in their dorm buildings and classes, there are some concerns regarding the changes that have taken place this semester along with what will come in the following year.

Students have not wasted any time sharing their thoughts and experiences on how the first week has transpired for them.

"In this environment, I'm more comfortable", says Joshua West, a freshman Computer Information Systems major. "When I first came to Savannah State, I didn't look at it for its flaws, I saw a beautiful campus and I just wanted to be here."

The pandemic of 2020 brought its share of difficulties to students that started their first or last year at the university as well as strict policies were enacted to keep the campus safe from COVID-19. This may no longer be the case with in-person events and meetings for now. More students are getting involved in extracurricular activities, educational programs, and other important affairs. The transition makes for an excellent change of pace in participation at the university.

"On the organizational side of it, I'm more prepared because I know what to expect," says Nyelle Smith, a sophomore who majors in Social Work. "I know what my professors are looking for and what I need to bring to my class, so I think I'm definitely doing much better than I was freshman year."

Undergraduates and graduates seem to be taking their courses in stride with the resources available. Despite other plans listed on schedules, turning in the work for classes is the main priority. With tutoring and advisement at their disposal on campus, students can ensure that they get the help needed to make the grade and earn the credits.

For graduating seniors, it means keeping their eyes on the finish line where their degree is waiting. This also gives them plenty of time to fulfill the requirements that are necessary in achieving a remarkable task which is two to four years in the making. While maintaining the GPA and gearing up for the end of the semester are the only steps left to take care of, seniors consider their time at the university memorable yet are as equally eager to move forward in their careers.

"It has motivated me. It is one of my life accomplishments at the end of the day," commented Charles Enigbokan, a senior who majors in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. "These last couple of semesters are basically gonna be about me putting it all in order and getting my degree. Making sure that this year goes as smoothly as possible so that I'm not here longer than I should be is all that matters."

Naturally, this is the case of many undergraduates who attend Savannah State University: to sit among their classmates at graduation and hear their names called to be awarded. The leading aspect of this result comes from the challenges of the first week of college that influences a student to push their limits and takes them farther than they ever believed.

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