Tiger X and their Plight With SGA

Tiger X and their Plight With SGA

Over the last few weeks, Whiting Hall has been plastered by public letters aimed at the Student Government Association from a writer identified only as ‘Tiger X’.

 The unprofessional but passionate letters detail grievances the author has against the organization, written primarily as though the writer claims to speak for the entire student body. Student organizations on campus are generally plagued by bureaucracy and run poorly, thus the authors’ claims are entirely relatable and believable but the way they have delivered them has caused some contention.   

According to the JMC admin and special project coordinator Ms. Williamson, this instance of “vandalism” is just the latest in a string of issues with the security of Whiting Hall, and it certainly isn’t helping. Furthermore, Professor Martin openly called these letters “a cowards report” in his own response to the author.  

This contention is not the only thing that has been generated on campus. Mr. Manning who was a newspaper journalist for 20 years and currently writes opinion pieces for The Island News in Beaufort, S.C. said, “I don’t have an opinion on Tiger X’s opinions, but I always appreciate good writing and this person is an excellent writer”.

From the claims made in these letters, these grievances seem to be things that should be addressed. Currently, the best way to prompt action from an organization is to gather up voices against it.

The premise of the letters is sound, and the author clearly wants to bring about change or at the very least adherence to the SGA constitution and they’re operating under sound principles used in the modern-day. Regardless of student response, with how they are doing things they will only find opposition from staff. 

So, this is to you Tiger X, you seem to be a JMC student, so I speak as your colleague. Your goals are lofty and worthwhile but for your own sake please don’t alienate the members of your community that can help you. We are not here to attack you.

You are a good writer, so I encourage you to clean up your content, stop writing like an angry blogger, sign your name on the letterhead, and take it to Tigers Roar.

It’ll get your words and cause into every building on campus and into more student hands instead of being torn down by frustrated staff as it is now. We have an opinions section for just this reason.   

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