The Savannah State softball team has wrapped up its 2019 season, ending on a high note with a sweep of South Carolina State University.

The Lady Tigers scored a total of 34 runs while only allowing 3 runs during their dominating weekend.

At the end of the season, the Lady Tigers finished with a conference record of 4-11, and an overall record of 9-27.

Coach Jose Gonzalez said, “Obviously, we didn’t win as many games as we wanted to, but overall we competed on every level of the game; offensively, defensively, and pitching. We knew we had some challenges ahead of us being a young team that needed to grow together.”

Although, the season wasn’t what anyone wanted, there were some bright spots. Freshman Stacie Smith led the team in hitting with a .386 batting average. She also led the team in stolen bases with 12. Stacie has the opportunity to win Freshman of the Year in the MEAC.

The Lady Tigers are graduating five seniors this season: Allye Sneed, Peyton Mitchell, Faith Dickerson, Kelsey Cyrus and Cortni Jones. 

Going into the 2019-2020 season, Savannah State will be transitioning to Division II.

Gonzalez said, “Looking forward to next year. We’ll have seasoned players coming back. It’s going to be a mix with some new players. I’m definitely looking forward to next season. Going into the SIAC, it’s going to be a different move for us. So, we are excited about it, and we are going to keep our heads up, and have a better season next year.”

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