The Savannah State Tigers and Lady Tigers won both games Monday against Paine College in Tiger Arena. In honor of the passing of Kobe Bryant, known colloquially as “The Black Mamba”, both teams took an 8-second and 24-second violation to honor him.


The Lady Tigers ended their game with a score of 81-61. Freshman Amari Heard helped her team to a win with a season-high of 20 points and 8 rebounds. Teammates Ta’kyla Austin and Azhana Maxwell also had an impressive game, as Austin scored 24 points and Maxwell cemented into her first double-double of the season. The Lady Tigers managed to hold a Field-goal shooting percentage of 56%, making 33 out of 59 shot attempts.


Heard said, “My team and I won this game for Kobe. We put up 81 points to honor him and his legacy. We used him as motivation, because he was an inspiration for the game of basketball.” 


It would seem that the Lady Tigers were not the only ones using Kobe Bryant’s death as motivation. The Savannah State men’s basketball team ended their game with a score of 81-57 with freshman Marcus Scott leading the Tigers to victory with 25 points, shooting six out of nine three-pointers. Zion Williams also pitched in with 13 points and nine assists. 


“I had to do it for Kobe. He was one of my role models and influencers. I just used my Mamba mentality and pushed myself to play as hard as I could,” said Marcus Scott. 


Zion Williams said, “Kobe was the greatest player ever to me. To hear he passed away was devastating, so I knew I had to come out here and get a win for him.” 

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