As the men’s and women’s basketball teams make their final preparations for their upcoming season in Division II competition, they welcomed the Fort Stewart basketball teams to Tiger Arena.

The Lady Tigers got things underway with a brilliant display of team basketball as they held a comfortable lead as the first half went underway. As the second half approached, the visiting team was able to capitalize on some unwanted mistakes by the Tigers.

In addition, the poor shot selection and the inability to transition on defense effectively allowed for Fort Valley to capitalize on several mistakes made by the Lady Tigers. As the game concluded, the Lady Tigers were able to edge out a 95-91 victory against Fort Stewart.

The gentlemen Tigers had a much easier contest against Fort Stewart as the game started; the visitors climbed to thirty points in the game. Possibly due to complacency and more relaxed play, Fort Stewart rallied their way back into a solid enough position to threaten the lead held by the Tigers. Luckily for the Tiger offense, the team were able to contest against the offensive comeback the Fort Stewart were aiming to maintain. The game ended 129-113 in favour of our Tigers.

Even though both of these games were only warm-ups, both teams are highly aware of the tasks at hand in Division II and as it stands, the Lady Tigers have started their season well with a 103-51 thrashing of Carver College.

The men’s basketball team season officially begins on November 14 against the College of Coastal Georgia. Both teams are expected to perform well in their respective seasons as much is expected from them due to their competition ahead.

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