The revamped Savannah State men’s basketball team hosted a return matchup against Coppin State University in its most recent contest.

In the previous game, the Eagles got the better of the Tigers, but SSU had no intention of being defeated twice by the visitors, especially with two away wins secured.

The first half of the contest was a display of offensive quality by the Savannah State team as they made three-point shots on their first four attempts and rallied up the two-point shots in quick succession, making eight out of nine shots attempted. 

A quarter through the game, the score was 26-12, which set the pace for the remainder of the half as the Tigers dominated the opposing defense. The offensive barrage continued, especially from the three-point department increasing the score to 40-17, the largest lead for the game.

With 2:42 remaining in the first half, Coppin State was determined to not let the game slip away from its hands, and in ensuring that, they made sure to end the half with an 8-2 run as the half ended with a score at 42-25.

Offensive woes were shown by the Tigers as the second half commenced, which the Eagles used to their full advantage as they clawed their way back into the game as the score was now 60-67.

In order for the Tigers to secure a third straight win they had to depend on their composure and free throw shooting, which ended the game at a score of 71-62.

“We tried to make some adjustments as up in Baltimore they played locking the floor defense and they were successful," Head Coach Horace Broadnax said. “Guys shot the ball extremely well in the first half and in the second half we were able to hold on and get the victory." 

Broadnax was asked about the upcoming contest against Morgan State University and what adjustments if necessary may need to be made.

“We will have to watch film and then adjustments may be made," he said. “Depending on how Morgan State plays defense, that’s how we have to adjust throughout the game. If they play a certain way then we will have to play a certain way."

The Tigers welcome Morgan State University on Feb. 11, where they have all intentions to secure their fourth consecutive win.

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