On Monday night, the Savannah State University men's basketball team was defeated by North Carolina Central University in Tiger Arena. The Tigers fell short by 4 points, ending the game with a score of 78-82.

   The game started out with relative balance between the two teams; however, North Carolina pushed the pace, and for much of the first half, our Tigers were down.

   Efforts from guard Jaquan Dotson, with his 18 points, saw to make sure it was a tough game for NCCU.

   The second half of the game was much more productive for the Tigers. Even though the team was down by 14 points at the beginning of the half, they eventually accumulated a 12-3 run against the Eagles. Offensive contributions came from Zach Sellers and John Grant Jr., with 15 and 13 points respectively.

 Despite matching skills, NCCU overpowered SSU in rebounding, as North Carolina Central secured 45 rebounds compared to the Tigers' 24.

   In the last 29 seconds of the game with a score of 78-75, the Tigers had a chance to win. Adam Saeed was not able to seize the opportunity he was given at the foul line, and his missed shots closed out the game. 

   During the game, several fans thought the referees made inappropriate calls. Tigers Coach Horace Broadnax was asked about the officiating.

   “Whatever calls they make, as a coach you’ll try to argue your opinion," he said. "At the end of the day we couldn’t make plays, and they’re (referees) human, so I just have to respect the calls."

   Broadnax said some things might need to be adjusted before the game against Delaware State University, “Guys have to want to win, and that’s it," he said. "Just putting on a jersey does not make you a basketball player, you have to make plays and that’s why they are called basketball players."

   The Tigers will be traveling to Dover, Del. on Feb. 1, where they hope to get in a win. 

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