On April 26, 2019, Savannah State University football team played its Orange and Blue Spring football game at T.A Wright Stadium.

 The spring game was a chance for the coaching staff and players to evaluate the specific aspects on both sides of the ball. The scrimmage lasted for two hours, with the defensive team making tremendous plays that later led to an 27-25 victory over the offense.

  Defense showed out, as it was expected to be ahead of the offense, as Quinn installed the attacking unit last season as his previous role as defensive coordinator.  Aaron Robinson, Salik McRae, Antonio Spooney and Ny’em Bozeman all had tackles for losses. Big hits by Spooney and Bozeman for two consecutive plays.  D’juan Tinsley had the team-leading 10 tackles, and Milton Woodward had an interception on the final play of the game.  SSU finished first in the Mid -Eastern Atlantic Conference in pass defense (138.5 yards per game.) Don’t sleep on the offense, as SSU implemented a new offensive scheme—the option to fit the offense around the players.

  The offensive team has come far with only 15 spring practices. Sophomore fullback D’Angelo Durham earned a team high 67 yards and two touchdowns and caught two passes for 28 yards. Durham later got awarded Most Improved Offensive Player.

“My motive for the game is that I have something to prove, I played with a chip on my shoulder.  I Improved on my cuts, my vision, my speed, my mindset, and attitude,” Durham said when asked about what his motive for this game was and what he improved on from last season.

 Rising senior linebacker and team captain Desmond Young, was awarded with Most Improved Defensive Player.  

           When asked how the defense responded to the new offense, and what has he improved on as a linebacker from last season, Young stated “At the beginning of spring we struggled with motions and focused on our keys. It was difficult because our offense gives us so many different looks that if one person isn’t doing their job on defense it could be a touchdown at any moment. I have improved from last season thanks to our strength coach Justin VanDusen and the staff pushing us every day during winter workouts. The workouts they put us through helped us quicker and more explosive on the field,”

SSU Football will be the team to watch this season!

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